Attila's Hot Buns is the second part of the 20th episode of Blazing Dragons. It was preceded by MacBreath and followed by The Isle of Dwight.


It is the time of the annual Barbarians and Bureaucrats meeting, and Queen Griddle gives Flicker the royal party funds while King Allfire tells him to deliver the invitation to the guest of honor, Attila the Hot Bun King. On the way to mail the invitation, Sir Loungelot calls Flicker, asking why his tunic is shrunken and bleached. Flicker reminds him that he requested the service of Dweasel the Weasel, so Loungelot writes a letter waging war on Dweasel.

Flicker goes to the parish post to deliver the letters, but forgets the moneybag, and when he realizes this, he runs off to get it. Dweasel enters, and when Freddy, the mail dragon, tells him that there is a letter for him, Dweasel takes the invitation instead of Loungelot's letter. So Freddy mails Loungelot's letter to Attila.

Loungelot loses the royal party funds in a game of poker, so the dragons try to prepare the meals and set up the party themselves, but fail miserably.

Attila gets Loungelot's note, which says "This means war." In a rage, Attila and his hot bun bakers march toward Camelhot. They stop at many places around the world, and more people join Attila's army.

When Dweasel arrives, saying that he is the guest of honor, Flicker realizes the letters were switched around. Attila and his army arrive and catapult flaming buns and dumplings at Camelhot, until Flicker takes Dweasel's bleached tunics to form a white flag, saying that Camelhot surrenders. Afterward, Attila is at peace with Camelhot and the party begins, before it is crashed by a bear.


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