The Chancellor is a dragon in Camelhot.

He is the one who helps King Allfire write the Code of Chivalry. Like him, he gets annoyed when Allfire accidentally calls in Cinder and Clinker as the jesters.

In Excaliburn, when Allfire seemingly lost his right to rule, the Chancellor and the dragon knights all competed for the throne, until Allfire pulled Excaliburn from the stone again. His role in this episode is mute.

His third and final appearance was in Sir Hare. He did not appear in Season 2, and his role with the Code of Chivalry is replaced by Princess Flame.

  • According to Erika Strobel in an interview, he was supposed to be part of the main cast, to be as educated as Sir Burnevere, to be grumpy and very organized, but also to be a Churchdragon and a chancelllor at the same time as it was common to do religion and politics back then (and enchanced his hat was supposed to parody the pope's), and standing for the crooked side of medieval Church. The production later thought this religious parody could offend parents and that the fact he was educated like Sir Burnevere was too repetitive, and scrapped all of that aspect of him, all he had left making him a secondary character.

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