Duke Rudolph
Duke Rudolph
is an evil man who wants to destroy Camelhot. He is the antagonist of the episode The Age of Retention.

Rudolph's castle got the attention of King Allfire, who disliked it and went over to the castle with his knights, and Flicker. Rudolph showed them his toy factory, but Flicker and Princess Flame suspected him, and while investigating, became trapped in a cage. Rudolph trapped Allfire, Sir Blaze, Sir Burnevere, and Sir Loungelot inside his war machine, BARRY, forcing them to heat its boiler with their fiery breath, threatening to kill Flame if they didn't.

Rudolph drove BARRY over to Camelhot to destroy it, but Flicker and Flame escaped from their cage and catapulted Griddle's fruitcakes at BARRY. As the hardest substance known to dragonkind, the fruitcakes smashed through BARRY, knocking it into the moat and causing the cockpit to explode, sending Rudolph flying into the distance. It is unknown if he survived, but he has not been seen since.

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