Griddle's fruitcakes are fruitcakes which Griddle apparently loves to eat. They are a running gag in Season 2, as they are said to be the hardest substance known to dragonkind, having the appearance of a brick.

In The Age of Retention, Sir Loungelot brings them as a gift to Duke Rudolph. Later, when Flicker and Princess Flame are imprisoned in a cage, Flicker uses the fruitcake to break the lock on the cage, and then he and Flame used a conveyor belt to shoot them at Rudolph's robot, BARRY, smashing through it and blowing up BARRY's cockpit, sending Rudolph flying to his presumed (though unconfirmed) death.

In You Dim Slum, You Lose Some, the fruitcakes are used for construction in China, and Flicker uses them to build the Great Wall.

In Excalibroke, Loungelot accidentally breaks Excaliburn while trying to use it to cut one of Griddle's fruitcakes.

In The Golden Thimble of Theodora, Loungelot bites into a fruitcake in an attempt to dislodge the Golden Thimble from his gums. Shockingly, this does not work (although his regular teeth are shattered). In disappointment, Loungelot threw the fruitcake out the window, hitting Geoffrey in the face and sending him falling to his presumed death.


  • Griddle's fruitcakes are used to defeat two antagonists: Duke Rudolph, and Count Geoffrey (when Loungelot accidentally knocks him out the window), although it is unclear whether either is actually killed. They are also used to keep the New Year Dragon in China when Flicker builds the Great Wall. Their role in Excaliburn is the opposite, as it is the means by which Loungelot breaks Excaliburn.

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