The Hag of Giss is Merle the Wizard's sister.

In Newt for a Day, she staged a scene pretending to be a damsel being attacked by a three-headed dog. Sir Loungelot refused to kiss a hag, so the hag turned him into a newt. It was initially believed that she did so because Loungelot judged her by looks alone, but she later revealed that she turned him into a newt for the sheer fun of it.

Later, Princess Flame tried to convince her to turn Loungelot back to normal, but instead she turned Flame into a frog. Flame told her that this was nothing to brag about and that it would be more impressive to turn her into a two-headed eagle with bat wings and tiger claws. The hag turned Flame into this creature, and Flame took her to Camelhot, where she became the guest of honor at the fashion ball, fell in love with Pierre Un Deux Trois, and left to make the newt a new design that became the rage in Paris. Before she left, she returned Loungelot and Flame to their original forms.

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