Merle's Mirror is the seventh episode of Blazing Dragons. It was preceded by Knights & Knightresses and followed by Renaissance Dragon.


Merle the Wizard creates a magic mirror that can hypnotize anyone who looks into it into doing whatever Merle says. She hypnotizes Count Geoffrey to demonstrate. He sends Evil Knights 1, 2, and 3 to deliver it to Queen Griddle, intending to hypnotize her into killing King Allfire. Griddle is hypnotized by the mirror.

Under Merle's spell, Griddle sends a boulder crashing into Allfire's throne room, which misses, but Princess Flame suspects that someone is trying to kill Allfire. Griddle tries several more assassination attempts, which fail because Flicker saves Allfire each time, however Allfire fails to notice the threat (as a different and likely nonexistent threat is suggested by Sir Loungelot, who takes the credit), causing Allfire to become suspicious of Flicker.

Using one of Flicker's inventions that has an axe, Griddle tries to kill Allfire. Flicker saves him and notices Griddle this time, but Allfire thinks Flicker is the assassin and has him locked in the dungeon. Even Flame doesn't believe that Flicker is innocent and that Griddle is the assassin.

Enraged that Griddle's assassination attempts failed, Merle has her hypnotize Allfire with the mirror. Allfire locks himself in the dungeon and eats the key. Once Allfire awakens from Merle's spell, Flicker tells Allfire that he is the assassin's twin brother on the side of good. Griddle, still under Merle's spell, plugs the drain of a nearby sink and turns on the taps to flood the dungeon in an attempt to drown Flicker and Allfire. However, working together they are able to break down the door of the dungeon and escape.

Flicker runs over to Flame, who is now convinced of his innocence as she is currently witnessing Griddle opening the gates for Geoffrey and his Evil Knights. Flicker and Flame notice the mirror and realize it is hypnotizing Griddle. Flame smashes the mirror, which reverses its effects, hypnotizing Merle to do whatever the one looking into the mirror commands her to do. Flicker tells her to turn Geoffrey and his Evil Knights into beetles, and then Flame tells her to transform into a frog. Merle chases Geoffrey and the Evil Knights off in an attempt to eat them.


  • When Merle is hypnotized by the reverse effects of the mirror, Princess Flame tells her to turn into a frog. This could possibly have been revenge for Merle's sister, the Hag of Giss, turning Flame into a frog in Newt for a Day.
  • An Evil Knight 4 is mentioned by Count Geoffrey to have been fed to the crocodiles for using Geoffrey's toothbrush.

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