Robbing Hood
Robbing Hood
is a chicken who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. He has three Melancholy Men called Chicken Little John, Deep Fryer Tuck, and Chicken al-a-Cain al-a-Dale. Flicker is the head of his fan club.

In Robbing Hoodlum, Robbing Hood was impersonated by his nemesis, Sheriff of Nothing-but-a-ham, and his pig brothers, but Flicker and Robbing Hood revealed his true identity. Afterward, the sheriff and his brothers were roasted above a spit fire by Robbing Hood. It is unknown if the brothers survived, but the sheriff's pork rinds were taken and presumably eaten by Robbing Hood, to which the sheriff sent a letter demanding them back in the episode Attila's Hot Buns.


  • Robbing Hood is an obvious reference to Robin Hood.
  • Despite appearing at the end of his episode, he never spoke a single line of dialogue besides a single gasp.