Left: Sheriff as Robbing Hood. Right: Sheriff with his pig brothers

The Sheriff of Nothing-but-a-ham is a greedy pig, and Robbing Hood's arch-nemesis.

In the episode Robbing Hoodlum, he impersonated Robbing Hood, with his pig brothers impersonating the Melancholy Men, and stole everything he could get from everyone. He attacked Flicker, Princess Flame, and Sir Loungelot in the forest. He also stole from Count Geoffrey. Both Count Geoffrey and the dragons attempted to capture him repeatedly, but failed each time.

Flicker and Loungelot suggested an archery contest, and the sheriff agreed on the condition that they try no tricks, and that if he wins, he also wins Flame's hand in marriage. The sheriff competed against Loungelot, with Flicker shooting the arrows for Loungelot, and were evenly matched.

When the sheriff and his brothers ate like pigs, eating chicken sandwiches, Flicker realized their true identities. After the sheriff won the archery contest and was about to marry Flame, Flicker arrived with the real Robbing Hood, who revealed the sheriff's true identity. As a pig disguised as a chicken he was disqualified from the contest and captured.

He was roasted above a spit fire by Robbing Hood, who took his pork rinds and presumably ate them. In Attila's Hot Buns, he sent a letter to Robbing Hood demanding that he return them.


  • He is an obvious reference to the Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin Hood's enemy.

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