Single Green Dragon is the first part of the 22nd episode of Blazing Dragons. It was preceded by Ice Try and followed by Sphinx Jinx.


Sir Loungelot wins a lot of money gambling on slot machines at a casino, and tells Cinder and Clinker to take it to Camelhot for him. However, Count Geoffrey and his Evil Knights steal the money, which throws Loungelot into a rage. Princess Flame suggests to Flicker that a fair maiden would take his mind off his troubles, and so Flicker places a personals ad for Loungelot under "Single Green Dragon".

There are dozens of responses from one damsel, but she turns out to be a hideous troll. The troll chases after Loungelot, who decides that she should marry Flicker instead. As Flicker is about to be married to the troll, she notices Loungelot and continues chasing him.

Flicker suggests releasing the troll into the forest. He disguises himself as Loungelot, and ties the troll up in a sack. He catapults the troll into the Dark Woods, but Loungelot's hand is caught on the sack's rope and he is taken with her. Sir Blaze and Cinder and Clinker take them into the Even Darker Woods, and Sir Burnevere shoots them into the Darkest of the Dark Woods, which is next to the city in which the casino is.

Count Geoffrey and his Evil Knights jump Sir Loungelot and take the sack containing the troll, believing it to be another moneybag. As Sir Loungelot goes to the casino to gamble, Geoffrey unties the sack at Castle Threadbare, and the troll chases him around.

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