Sir Burnevere

Sir Burnevere the Overly Educated is one of the knights of the Square Table. He speaks with a Scottish accent and often speaks in big words. He often says "Hoot McGregor!" when something bad happens to him.

Burnevere is linked to the Scottish royal family. When Sir William Furnace was killed, Burnevere was seemingly the only living relative for the throne, but turned it down as he did not want to be surrounded by all his relatives (as this was the reason he left Scotland). MacBreath intended to kill him (as he did William Furnace) so he could take the throne, but he was inadvertently saved by Duncan, who was also in the Furnace bloodline and became king.

Burnevere does not play as big a role as some of the other knights, but his role increases in Season 2 when Princess Flame's role diminishes and Sir Galahot and Sir Hotbreath disappear. Season 2 seems to center mainly on Flicker, Sir Loungelot, Sir Blaze, and Sir Burnevere.

In Whine and Roses, one of Cupid's arrows caused him to fall in love with Cinder and Clinker.

In Seven Dragon Sins, the dragons traveled to Avalon and Burnevere wished for a book of knowledge on the wishing well. However, during a quest that Flicker inadvertently wished for, the book was accidentally lost.

Like Blaze, Loungelot convinced Burnevere to skip a lecture on quests in squire school, to which Schoolmaster Buzzard called them back with a free quest seminar (appealing to Burnevere by offering books). All three knights failed the tests, unlike Flicker, and were given a lecture by Buzzard.

Burnevere's final appearance was in the final episode, Slay the Dragon, traveling through the circus with Flicker, Loungelot, and Blaze to save King Allfire from what they thought was an attempt to kill him.


  • Sir Burnevere is named after the knight of the Round Table, Sir Bedevere, as well as a fire-themed name to symbolize dragons
  • The only episode Burnevere doesn't appear in is Ice Try, in which he is out on a quest with Blaze during a heat wave in Camelhot.
  • His armor color changes to red in Season 2.

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