Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty is a princess asleep in a forest of thorns for a hundred years. Flicker accidentally kissed her and woke her up.

However, she would not stop talking, as she could not for a century, causing the dragons of Camelhot to lose their sleep. She never got tired either, having slept for a century too, so Sir Burnevere tried to hypnotize her, Sir Hotbreath tried to knock her out with a hammer, and Flicker tried to tire her out by dancing with her.

Eventually the dragons turned to Merle the Wizard for sleeping potion, but Merle switched it around with coffee, causing the dragons to fall asleep and allowing Count Geoffrey to raid the castle, stealing a cauldron that King Allfire swore to protect and kidnapping Sleeping Beauty. However, Geoffrey and his Evil Knights hid from her when she wouldn't stop talking, and when Flicker arrived to rescue her, Geoffrey gave them back the cauldron in return for taking Sleeping Beauty back to Camelhot.

She became bored with Camelhot and its residents and decided to go back to sleep for another hundred years. Flicker set up her bed to rock back and forth, and she fell asleep again.

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