The Isle of Dwight is the first part of the 21st episode of Blazing Dragons. It was preceded by Attila's Hot Buns and followed by Ice Try.


Merle the Wizard appears at Camelhot and says that Queen Griddle's first husband, Sir Herman the Nearsighted, was not of noble descent, since his coat of arms has no record. Griddle says that he lost it in a heroic battle, but Merle says that by King Allfire's own laws, if they do not produce his shield within 48 hours, Allfire will no longer be king and the throne will go to the nearest nobleman, Count Geoffrey.

Griddle tells the dragon knights to go to the Isle of Dwight, where the giant, Dwight, lives. Dwight was attacking the villages of England when he ran into Herman the Nearsighted, who fought him off but had his shield and glasses stolen in the process. Herman tried to pursue him, but was lost at sea due to his poor eyesight.

Flicker, Sir Loungelot, Sir Burnevere, and Sir Blaze fly to the Isle of Dwight. There they meet some druid dragons called the Clam League, who forgot the lunch for Dwight and so they give him Loungelot's food. While Flicker, Loungelot, and Burnevere try to surf, Blaze tracks down Dwight, who has the shield as a belt buckle and is wearing Herman's glasses.

Dwight reveals to Blaze that he wasn't invading England, but looking for a blacksmith to fix his broken belt buckle. The people attacked him because they were scared by his size, and when trying to escape, he accidentally stomped on his glasses. Herman lent him his shield and glasses, and was on his way to collect them and make Dwight new clothes. Dwight gives Blaze the shield and glasses while Blaze says he'll make some new clothes for him.

To get the dragons back to Camelhot before the 48 hours are up, Dwight causes a wave that they surf back to England, arriving at Merle's Cabin of Despair and Occult Museum, interrupting a game of cards between Geoffrey and Merle (who is cheating). Blaze shows Merle Herman's shield and bashes Geoffrey on the head with it.


  • Princess Flame does not appear in this episode.
  • This episode reveals that Sir Blaze, and possibly the other dragons as well, hate flying, and are not good at landing. Flicker and Flame are possibly the exceptions.