A female troll answered Sir Loungelot's Single Green Dragon personals ad, although Loungelot did not like her at all. She chased him around Camelhot.

To avoid her, Loungelot told Flicker to marry her, but before they could be married, the troll noticed Loungelot and continued chasing him.

The dragons decided to release her into the darkest woods. Flicker tied her in a sack and he, Blaze, and Burnevere sent her into the Darkest of the Dark Woods. Unfortunately, Loungelot was sent flying with the sack the troll was in due to his hand being caught in the rope.

Then Count Geoffrey took the troll away from Loungelot, believing the sack to contain money. When Geoffrey opened the sack at Castle Threadbare, the troll chased him around. Her fate after the episode is unknown.


  • The troll noticed Loungelot right when Cinder and Clinker were mentioning objections. It is possible that Princess Flame might have objected to Flicker marrying the troll had she not chased after Loungelot when she saw him.

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